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Console Name Manufacturer Released Date Expiry Date License Cost Develop Cost
Microx SX Nipon Y1 M4 W1 $200.00k $50.00k
Exodus Senga Y1 M11 W1 Y6 M6 W3 $400.00k $180.00k
IES Intendro Y3 M2 W1 $800.00k $300.00k
Game Kid Intendro Y3 M11 W1 $550.00k $250.00k
Play Gear Senga Y5 M6 W1 $1,050.00k $450.00k
PCC-FQX Nipon Y6 M2 W1 $680.00k $300.00k
NEONGEON Nipon Y7 M2 W1 $2,200.00k $400.00k
Game Swan Microx Y7 M6 W1 $4,500.00k $550.00k
Super IES Intendro Y7 M8 W1 $5,000.00k $600.00k
Virtual Kid Intendro Y8 M8 W1 $1,800.00k $400.00k
PlayStatus Sonny Y10 M6 W1 $10,000.00k $650.00k
Playdion Nipon Y10 M8 W1 $15,000.00k $850.00k
Uranus Senga Y10 M11 W1 $12,000.00k $650.00k
Game-Box Intendro Y11 M2 W1 $25,000.00k $850.00k
Mini Status Sonny Y12 M6 W1 $20,000.00k $950.00k
Intendro DM Intendro Y16 M2 W1 $35,000.00k $1,000.00k
PlayStatus 2 Sonny Y17 M6 W1 $40,000.00k $1,000.00k
Microx 480 Microx Y17 M9 W1 $50,000.00k $1,200.00k
Whoops Intendro Y18 M5 W1 $80,000.00k $1,600.00k
Harpo Drive Senga Y19 M7 W1 $90,000.00k $1,300.00k
Play Popo X Nipon Y19 M11 W1 $99,999.90k $1,500.00k

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