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If u play with $ every price is without 2 zero's

Name Cost Effect Availability
Arm wrestling machine ¥30,000 appetite Arm wrestling consulting
ATM ¥100,000 customer's budget Lease ATM consulting
Capsule machine ¥30,000 sushi coins at the beginning
Go-Playing parlor ¥30,000 sushi coins Sugamo sushi contest winner
Corner Flower arrangement ¥30,000 sushi coins Flower consulting
Youth Corner ¥200,000 appetite National Sushi Ranking: 5
Fish museum ¥50,000 sushi coins at the beginning
Fish pond ¥100,000 appetite Excavation consulting
Fureai ¥30,000 sushi coins Fureal consulting
Orizume corner ¥50,000 appetite Orizume consulting
Pinball ¥30,000 appetite buy-out @ ¥ 75,000
Printer ¥50,000 sushi coins Printer consulting
Running Gym ¥30,000 appetite Nation Sushi Ranking:
Salad bar ¥30,000 appetite at the beginning
Saramawashi Corner ¥30,000 appetite Saramawashi consulting
Toy dept ¥30,000 sushi coins buy-out ¥150,000
Vending machine ¥10,000 appetite at the beginning

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